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Silver Trade is the result of thirty years of experience in the wholesale sale of jewelery and precious stones and is aimed only at the wholesale sale of silver, paying particular attention to market changes. The search for new products guarantees our customers high competitiveness in price and quality. it is important for our customers and also for this reason we have decided to create a website to reach even those who are far away.With a large catalog of items, made with care, we allow to satisfy the different tastes of our customers. the possibility to view the sample through the website, or through the possibility to reach it on site (where possible). The company's strength is to be able to constantly renew the assortment of products, without neglecting the quality of the materials, to offer customers a product selected with care and attention. 

All the items in the catalog are in rhodium-plated 925 silver.


 Angelo Scuro
 Massimiliano Scuro
Certified%20Diamond%20Grader.jpg HRD%20max.jpg
Certified Diamond Grader
Certified Diamond Grader
Diamond%20grading%20and%20identification.JPG hrd%20max%202.jpg
Diamond Grading      and Identification
Diamond Grading        and Identification
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HRD Graduates Club
Member%20Igi%20Club.jpg Cut%20Colored%20Stones.JPG
Member Igi Club
Cut Colored Stones
Rough Diamond Evaluation
Perito Gemmolgo presso il Tribunale di Lecce